Job seekers in New York: Job seekers should expect to be told they’re ‘not eligible’ for unemployment insurance

N.Y. Gov.

Andrew Cuomo said on Tuesday that job seekers in his state will likely be told that they are ineligible for unemployment benefits under the state’s new federal health insurance exchange, which was announced last week.

“This announcement does not mean that the New York City region is not eligible for unemployment compensation,” Cuomo wrote on Twitter.

“In fact, it is a good thing.”

In an interview with the New Yorker, Cuomo said he was confident the federal exchange would work as intended.

“I’m optimistic that we’re going to get it going as quickly as we can,” he said.

The exchange, called HMO New York, is designed to allow eligible job seekers to receive insurance subsidies that go to pay for prescription drugs, medical devices and other essential health care, as well as other health care needs, such as mental health services.

It has not been widely publicized that many New Yorkers will be eligible for the exchange subsidies.

The federal government will distribute $6 billion in the next two years to states, including New York.

A recent analysis by the Kaiser Family Foundation estimated that about 6 million people in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Maryland and New York would be eligible.

The states that will receive the most federal funds are California, Colorado, Florida, Massachusetts, Michigan, New York and Ohio.

The state of New York has been a vocal critic of the federal health care law and the new marketplace, which the governors office of New Jersey said it was “confident” would be a “game changer.”

“This is going to change lives, it’s going to create more jobs, it’ll create economic stability, it will create a lot of good jobs and it’s something that I think people need to understand,” said Cuomo, who also serves as chairman of the state Democratic Party.

The governor did not say when the announcement would be made public.

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