When a triple jumper was forced to wait for an ambulance

Triple jumper Johnathan Jackson said he was “heartbroken” after being taken to hospital after being hit by a car on the Sunshine Coast.

“I’m still shaking,” Mr Jackson said.

He was hit by the car on Sunshine Highway around 5:45pm on Sunday, just minutes before his wife and daughter were due to be released from hospital.

His wife, Laura, said they were going to be returning home, but the car went into a ditch and hit Mr Jackson.

Laura said she went out to get a towel and was hit with the car’s roof.

She said she fell onto the grass and was thrown from the car.

Mr Jackson was taken to the Sunshine Hospital, where he was later pronounced dead.

The driver of the car, 24-year-old James Jones, was charged with dangerous driving causing death.

In a statement to police, a witness said Mr Jones appeared “extremely agitated” before he sped off.


How to get the best insurance quotes for auto travel

Health insurance can be a huge benefit for people looking to save money.

The Affordable Care Act has put some of that cost control on the table by limiting annual premiums and allowing for a sliding scale to determine coverage.

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Why am I eligible for triple a?

According to the Amax Insurance website, triples are the most common type of insurance.

In the past two years, Amax has increased the cost of triple coverage to $3,100 from $1,900.

And the cost has gone up even further for a new enrollee in 2018, to $4,700 from $3-5,400.

Triples are more expensive than other insurance plans.

The new cost for a triple is $4.1k for the first year and $4k in the second year.

And it’s also $3k more than for a standard single, according to the website.

Triple A premiums are also significantly higher than other types of insurance, as you can see from the chart below.

Amax also provides health coverage for family members and non-essential medical expenses.

The premium for family coverage is $1.9k, for a total of $2.4k per family member.

This is compared to an average cost of $1k per non-meeting expense for a family member, the company says.

For non-emergency medical expenses, Amlex says that family members must be at least 50% in need of medical care, with an annual deductible of $4200.

For an individual, this deductible is $6,500.

The website says that triples offer a higher level of coverage than single or family policies because triples also provide coverage for non-medical items such as dental work and prescriptions.

Triplets also come with an extra $2,400 deductible for the annual cost of coverage.