Why do some people get insured on their farm?

A number of people in Australia’s far north are getting insurance on their farmland as a result of a Government-backed scheme.

Key points:The Government has set up a scheme to provide insurance on farm land, but some landowners are not happyThe scheme will cover up to 10 yearsThe scheme has been criticised by farmers and graziersThe scheme, called Rural Insurance, is a voluntary scheme that covers up to five years on farm and will cover people who live in rural areas.

The Government is planning to make sure people who are eligible are getting the policy.

“It’s an important tool for those who live near the country, because it’s good insurance for them and it helps them with the cost of running their farm,” farmer and grazier David Johnson said.

“They’ll be covered in some form of the scheme and that’s good for everyone.”

The scheme is set up by the Department of Primary Industries, Agriculture and Rural Affairs, but not a government department.

It will cover around $100,000 of premiums and will be paid for with money from the state’s Rural Health and Safety Program.

Mr Johnson said the scheme was “not only a good way to protect the farmer and their family, but also the whole community”.

“It’ll be good for our economy, it’ll be great for our community,” he said.

The scheme was set up in 2015 to help protect farmers, but it has been criticized by some farmers.

“I think it’s a bit of a waste of money,” Mr Johnson said of the Government’s plan.

“If it’s just a small amount of money, I think it’ll do the job.”

Mr Johnson’s wife has been trying to get insurance for her land for two years.

“We’ve been talking about it for the last few months,” she said.

Ms Johnson said she was frustrated by the Government not covering all the farmers and her husband was one of the ones who did not get the insurance.

“He’s a very good farmer,” she told AM.

“But when we’re talking about a few hundred thousand dollars, we’re not talking about the whole country.”

What we’re really talking about is the farm that he owns, the farm we live on.

“Farmers and grazies are concerned the scheme will not cover their costsThe Government said the Rural Insurance scheme will provide “access for up to 5 years” and is funded by the State Government.”

In the future, if the Rural Health Fund is not funded to cover the full cost of the rural health and safety program, the State will provide the necessary funding for additional coverage,” a spokesperson for the Department said.

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