Trump: ‘I’m not going to make a deal’ on insurance coverage for ‘irregular’ cases

President Donald Trump said he would not consider a deal with Democrats to keep coverage for millions of Americans from being canceled as a result of the government shutdown.

But the president said he was not prepared to make an offer on how to handle the millions of people who are being left out of the insurance market after the government shut down Monday.

Trump told reporters Monday that he had no intention of negotiating with Democrats on a solution.

“I don’t have any plan,” he said.

But he added that the White House “will be looking at” a plan as soon as the Senate votes on a bill to reopen the government.

“We will be working with Democrats, and they are looking at that,” Trump said.

“We are working very hard to get it passed.

We are working really hard to have it passed.”

The White House has been pushing Democrats to offer a bill that would allow Americans who had been covered by the health care law to keep their health care plans.

That would come as Democrats have insisted that the health law must be fully implemented by Oct. 1, despite Republican objections.

Republicans have criticized the president for not negotiating over the funding, saying he should have at least offered a compromise.

Trump said Monday that the government should be able to reopen.

“It’s a very difficult situation.

But I have to do my job,” Trump told reporters.

“I’m going to try to do it, and we’re going to have a great health care system.

We’re going have a very, very good health care policy.

It’s going to be a great system, and it’s going be a terrific system.”

Trump said he wanted to do “what I have been doing.”

He said he “didn’t want to put the country in a situation where we had to shut down the government” and said he didn’t want “to shut down any other country, including our own.”

Trump said the federal government “could be open for another six weeks.”

The White Houses spokesman, Ned Price, said in a statement Monday that Trump “has repeatedly said that the president would not compromise on the health insurance coverage of Americans.”

Price said the president is focused on the “great work” being done by his administration.

“He believes that the President has the ability to keep Americans insured and provide a plan that will provide them with the care they need to keep them healthy, secure and productive,” Price said.