FDI in 2018-2019: The most promising areas to invest in

IGN is proud to announce the latest in our FDI Forecast series, featuring a look at the areas where you can expect to see the most FDI investment in 2018.

The 2018 FDI OutlookFor 2018, the outlook remains bleak.

Despite the fact that the global economy has continued to grow, the overall global financial climate remains bleak and global demand remains weak.

This has led to a rise in investor confidence in the UK, with interest rates on mortgages rising, and an increase in the value of home loans.

However, in many of the regions of the world that are most vulnerable to future economic disruption, investment in the property sector is on the rise.

Investment in the housing sector, as well as the insurance industry, continues to expand and has recently shown signs of strengthening.

This is partly due to the relatively strong economic outlook and strong economic growth, but also partly due the expansion of home ownership.

Investors are now keen to purchase homes with lower down payments, with more than half of respondents to a recent research study by the PwC Institute for Housing think tank saying that this was a good thing.

This in turn has led a number of firms to offer incentives to investors who want to purchase properties with lower-down payment, including a significant number of property insurers.

Investing in infrastructure investment has also increased recently, with an increase of 5% in the number of large infrastructure projects that have been completed in the last year, as compared to the year before.

There has also been a surge in the amount of money invested in infrastructure in recent years, and the pace of this investment is likely to continue to increase.

Investor confidence in financial products and services has also grown.

This includes the banking sector, where sentiment towards the UK banks has been particularly strong, with the UK Bankers’ Association and the Financial Conduct Authority having both released reports this year saying that the UK is in a strong financial position.

The FDI outlook for 2018 will depend on the performance of the UK economy in 2018, and on the overall financial environment in the rest of the developed world.

The UK economy is likely not to be affected by the global financial crisis as it has had a relatively mild impact.

However the outlook for the rest, or the UK in particular, is more dependent on how the global economic environment evolves in 2018 than on the UK’s performance in 2018 in general.

In the UK we are in the midst of a period of rapid economic growth.

This can be partly explained by a strong economic recovery and by an improving outlook for future economic growth and employment prospects.

The UK economy will continue to expand as the UK continues to experience a strong recovery from the global recession of the early 2000s.

However it is also possible that the economy will experience further rapid growth and contraction, and this could affect the UKs position in the world economy.

As the global recovery continues, investors may choose to sell their properties to raise funds to help fund the purchase of new property, or to take out loans to fund the new purchase of property.

However, given the continued weakness in the global economies overall, investors will be cautious when it comes to investing in property.

Investors may be more interested in the properties that they can afford to buy, and in the economic prospects of the country.

The most promising sectors to investIn the most promising regions to invest this year are the areas of finance and infrastructure, and insurance.

These are the sectors that are currently the most attractive investments in terms of both their relative returns and their growth prospects.

For example, the UK has the highest return on equity (ROE) of any of the OECD countries, with a return of 13.2%, and the highest returns on equity in the developed economies (15.3%).

The UK’s ROE is also very good, with annual returns of 13%, and this is better than the returns in any of Europe’s top five countries.

The ROE in Europe is the highest in the OECD and the UK also has the lowest ROE of any country in the EU, at 2.8%.

Investment opportunities in these areas of the economy are also likely to increase over the next year.

For instance, property is the fastest-growing industry in the United Kingdom.

However this is likely because property is a highly regulated industry, and investors are generally reluctant to buy property in areas that are not regulated.

In addition, the housing market is growing rapidly in many parts of the United States, and it is very likely that the US housing market will continue growing rapidly.

The outlook for insurance is also improving, with investment in insurance companies rising.

As a result, insurers will be able to offer better benefits to their customers and be more attractive to investors.

The key areas for the UK to look atIn terms of the global banking sector and insurance, there is a good opportunity for UK investors to invest.

The banking sector is currently undergoing a huge overhaul and is expected to return to profitability in 2019. It