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A man died after being trapped in a car on Interstate 95 in Maryland on Saturday.

The crash occurred on the I-95 in Anne Arundel County, Maryland, shortly after 11 p.m.

The man was identified as 22-year-old Andrew Thomas from Columbia.

Police said he was in the car with another man when he became trapped.

Police said he had been traveling westbound when he fell off the road.

Thomas was transported to a hospital where he later died.

According to the Maryland State Police, the vehicle was driven by a 32-year old male who was driving the car.

The two men in the vehicle are still on the loose.

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Why You Should Always Have An Auto Insurance Premium, and What To Expect In 2019

“I’m going to try to be as clear as possible, so you know what you’re getting yourself into,” says Brian, a 25-year-old from Ohio.

“I don’t have to tell you about the car insurance that’s on the car.” 

Brian’s insurance policy covers him for everything from accidents and damage to medical costs and property damage, and it covers both his BMW and a new car he bought for himself and his girlfriend, who is 26.

But Brian says that’s not a big deal, considering his girlfriend is “one of the most active car-sharing drivers on the road.”

“It’s good for me,” he says.

“She’s a pretty active driver, so if she gets in a car accident, we can just take her out.

But it’s also good for us because I’m driving my car.”

Brian is also taking out an extended policy, which covers a total of $4,000.

That’s an extra $1,000, but Brian says the extra money will cover any repairs, damage or personal injury that comes up, and he’s also insured against the cost of his new car.

“It’s going to be about the same as my old car,” he explains.

“If I’m going in for a repair, it’s going be covered, and if it’s not, it’ll be covered.

But I’m not going to drive my old BMW any more.”

Brian has a $4.3 million policy with Alliance United Insurance, and is already paying for it.

The only issue is, he doesn’t have any money to pay for repairs on his new BMW, either.

Brian says he’d like to be able to pay off his BMW, but “it’s not like I’m in a situation where I’m on a fixed income.

I have some other things going on.”

The problem, Brian says, is that he doesn�t have enough money to get out of the auto insurance business.

“The auto insurance companies aren’t willing to pay what I’m paying, so it’s kind of a dead end for me.”

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