‘You have to be a complete idiot to be able to do that’: Former Trump advisor’s wife’s $150M divorce settlement

Newsweek.com.au – May 17, 2020 14:59:04 A former advisor to Donald Trump has settled a $150 million lawsuit filed by his ex-wife.

The settlement, announced Thursday, covers the $2.3 million she lost in a custody battle.

The divorce decree also includes the right to file for bankruptcy.

A former adviser to Donald Trumps ex-wives says he had no idea his wife was divorcing.

He says he never made any attempt to contact her.

Read more about the divorce in this exclusive report from the Australian Financial Review.

Trump ex-spouse settles divorce lawsuit in USThe Australian Financial Market Authority has settled the case with her former husband, who claims he had a ‘minor misunderstanding’.

A spokeswoman for the New York-based AFA said the agreement was reached on Monday.

In June, the AFA reached a $2 million settlement with the former husband of Melania Trump, who was married to the President since January, 2018.

The agreement also includes an agreement to stop his wife from accessing his funds and preventing her from suing him in the US.

Trump’s former wife, Melania Trump and the President, pictured here on the morning of their wedding in March 2019, are pictured here in Washington, DC, in April.

Melania Trump, left, and Donald Trump at a rally in November 2019.

(AP: Andrew Harnik)Trump’s ex-lawyer Alan Garten, who represented Melania Trump in the divorce case, said the settlement was ‘the largest and most significant settlement ever in any divorce case’.

He said the US Supreme Court had ‘declined to hear’ the case, but he believed it was unlikely to be decided by the full court.

Garten said he was ‘happy’ with the settlement.

“I think it’s a huge victory for the American people.

It’s an important victory for American women.

They’re entitled to the same rights as any American woman, and it’s the first time in history that women can sue in the United States for the same things they are entitled to in the rest of the world,” he said.

The AFA says it was notified of the settlement by a third party.

Donald Trumps former law firm, Donald Trump & Garten &amp.; PLLC, was represented in the case by Alan Gessen.

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