Verizon to offer $2,500 in employer-sponsored health coverage

Verizon will offer an $2.50 per month plan to workers’ compensation and health insurance company employers, according to the company’s new health insurance plan.

Verizon’s health insurance plans will offer coverage for a variety of conditions including asthma, heart disease, migraines, diabetes, and cancer, according the announcement today.

Verizion will also offer a health plan that will cover all prescription medications, as well as prescriptions for prescription drugs.

The health plan is offered by the National Business Group on Health, a trade association of companies that sell health insurance.

Health care is one of the biggest areas of overlap between Verizon and the government.

The company offers health insurance for all employees.

The new health plan will be available in all 50 states, and Verizon has offered similar plans in California, New York, and Massachusetts.

Verity said in a statement the health plans are not designed to be an exclusive group.

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