U.S. insurance company faces backlash after ‘health insurance company’ name appears on its website

The Associated Press is reporting that U.N. insurers are facing backlash for using the “UMR” name for their insurance plans, citing the U.K. government’s decision to ban the name for U.M.R.I.A.s as a reason.

U.N.-affiliated insurers including the Royal Irish Medical Association and the British Medical Association are not affiliated with U.RMG.

The British Medical Society said it was not commenting on the issue.

A U.A., the U-M.r.I.’s parent company, has also not publicly acknowledged using the name, the AP reported.

As a result, the UMSI’s website features a disclaimer stating that it is not affiliated or affiliated with the UMR group.

The AP said UMSIs website also states that it does not endorse, promote or recommend the products and services offered by UMR, the group that provides insurance for UMS IIs.