Man charged with killing father, his wife and children in Washington DC

A man who allegedly shot and killed his parents and two of their children before turning the gun on himself in Washington has been charged with murder and attempted murder.

Police say the man, 24-year-old Daniel Brown, drove his black Chevy Tahoe into a crowd of pedestrians at a park in northeast Washington before shooting himself, his parents, his sister and his children.

Brown has been arrested and charged with first-degree murder and three counts of attempted murder, according to police.

He is expected to make an initial court appearance Friday.

Brown’s father, John Brown, was a police officer in Seattle and his sister, Emily, was in the same police force.

The couple’s children were not hurt.

The couple’s home was damaged in the attack, which occurred about 8:30 p.m.

Sunday in the parking lot of a nearby park, said Officer Chris Laughlin, a spokesman for the Washington Metropolitan Police Department.

Brown was driving a silver Tahoe, with Washington license plates, when he crashed it into the crowd.

He had the front of the car’s front window broken, according the Washington State Patrol.

Brown allegedly shot his father, 57-yearold John Brown Sr., and his two children, 10-year old Olivia and 13-year age Emily, as they were walking on the sidewalk, according WSPA-TV, a TV station in Seattle.

His sister, Olivia, was struck in the head and neck, while her younger brother was hit in the leg and leg with a rock.

The Washington State Department of Transportation tweeted that the injured children were taken to a local hospital for treatment.

John Brown Sr. and his wife, Michelle, are both in critical condition.

They were pronounced dead at the scene, the Washington state coroner’s office said.

The two children were in stable condition, the coroner’s Office said.

Laughlin said the victims’ mother, 56-year year-old Mary Ann Babbitt, was hit by a rock, as was her stepson, 19-year Old Connor Babbits.

The two children have since been released from the hospital.

“They are obviously very lucky to have survived,” Laughlin said.

“It’s been a horrific time.”

A second child, 10 year old Olivia, is in stable conditions, the WA State Patrol tweeted.

The other two children are in stable or critical condition, according.

Police said the suspects have been identified as Daniel Brown Jr. and Aaron Brown.

The WSPA reported that Brown and his brother had been dating for about two years.

The Washington Post reported that he was arrested in Seattle in January.

Loughlin said that Brown had been living in Washington state for about three months.

He was a student at George Washington University.

The family has set up a GoFundMe account to help with funeral expenses, and donations can be made here.