The US is ‘stuck’ on healthcare reform, says Trump

US President Donald Trump has accused the Senate of being ‘stupid’ and accused his Republican allies of being slow on their reform plans.

“You know, they’re in the middle of a process,” Trump told a news conference on Thursday.

“They’re not ready yet.

They’re not done yet.”

US Senate Republicans have so far struggled to pass healthcare reform in their current form, and Trump has repeatedly suggested he would let the Senate and the House decide the final bill.

“If they’re not willing to do it, then we’re not going to have a good time in the end, and we’re going to be stuck,” Trump said.

“We’re stuck.

We’re not gonna have a deal.

We have no idea.”

Trump said the Senate should be looking at “further amendments” to the bill and the final plan should be “stuck”.

“The Senate has to be looking very closely at what’s happening,” he added.

Trump’s remarks came as Senate Republicans attempted to move forward on their healthcare reform plan in a matter of hours.

Senators are set to meet in a private room on Thursday to discuss healthcare reform.

“It’s not just going to happen overnight,” Senator John Thune, the chairman of the Senate healthcare committee, said on Thursday, before adding that he had no information about when it might happen.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell told reporters on Wednesday that Senate Republicans were moving to take up the Senate’s latest healthcare bill at the end of the week.

But McConnell added that the Senate was still “staying on the sidelines” of the healthcare bill.

US Senator Lamar Alexander, the Republican who chairs the Senate health committee, has been working to draft a bill, which could include the controversial amendment from the House Republicans that would delay any federal payments to insurers until 2020.

“The House has passed a bill and we can begin working on it now,” Senator Lamar said.