How to buy American modern insurance in the UK

Allianz has confirmed that it will be selling its American modern car insurance product, but will be offering it only through its British customers, with the exception of the United States.

The UK company said in a statement on Monday that it had taken “immediate action to ensure all of our European customers can continue to enjoy the benefits of American modern cars in the foreseeable future”.

It said it had “extended the timeframe for all of the American car insurance plans to 2020”, adding: “The American car insurers in question have now been removed from our network.

Our customers will now be able to purchase American modern premium car insurance from Allianzy and we will be providing a number of support services to customers.”

Allianz had previously said that the US was its “number one market” for premium car coverage, as well as its number two market for car insurance.

It said that it was “extremely disappointed” at the US decision, but would be making a statement to customers about the decision.

Allianzo said that customers will still be able buy premium American car car insurance through Allianze’s network.

“In all of these instances, Allianzo will be working closely with our European partners to ensure that American modern is available to all of them,” it said.

The company said it would “continue to invest in improving our European car insurance networks”.