When Ireland’s car insurance prices are up: Why do drivers need to drive more?

Drivers in the Republic of Ireland need to do more driving to cover the cost of their insurance, a new report has found.

Car insurance is the responsibility of the driver, who has to pay a premium to cover costs such as mileage, damage, collision damage and repairs.

However, according to the latest data from the Insurance Council of Ireland (ICI), car insurance premiums are going up in the country, with the cost now reaching €9,049.

The average premium is now €1,621.

The Irish Times reported that drivers in the south-west of the country are facing the biggest increase in premiums, with average premiums in the region now €2,919.

The figures, published in the latest edition of the Irish Insurance Industry Journal, come amid a surge in insurance premiums in some areas.

The latest report from the ICAI found that the average car insurance premium is €979.

The cost of car insurance in the capital, Dublin, was €1.9m.

The average cost of driving in the north-west, Co Kildare, was also at €1m, the ITAI reported.

The report noted that the rising costs are due to the impact of Brexit and the introduction of the Garda National Crime Agency (NCA).

The NCA has been brought in to prevent the sale of cars with licence plates bearing the Irish driving licence.