How the unemployment insurance claim calculator works

Posted February 05, 2018 09:56:58 A new app from Unifor and TripAdvisor has opened up a new market for those who are seeking a new job, but don’t want to pay a higher rate to the federal government.

Unifors unemployment insurance calculator lets you enter a name and address of the person you’re looking for, and the calculator will calculate a monthly premium based on your income and expenses.

A user can also select the amount of time the person is unemployed and the total cost of unemployment insurance to date.

“It’s a good way to find a new home,” said Tim Anderson, a partner with TripAdvisors and president of the United States Uniforum.

“The idea behind it is that you’re not getting paid for time you spent unemployed.

The government will get reimbursed at the same rate they’re paying for unemployment insurance.”

The app also has an “open unemployment claim” button that lets you view claims from people who are unemployed, but still seeking a job.

TripAds spokesperson Jennifer Stauffer said the app has been downloaded more than 100,000 times.

The app was originally designed for the smartphone and tablet market and is intended for people who don’t own a smartphone.

The idea is to create a more user-friendly way for employers to reach their workers, said Stauff, who added that Uniforas app has already been downloaded over 70 million times.