Why you should consider buying a 3D printed gun

By now you may have heard that a company called Stratasys is developing a 3-D printed handgun, but why?

Well, if you think that’s a stretch, think again.

According to the company’s official website, Stratasies will sell “a handgun for a price that is competitive with traditional handguns.”

And it’s not just because the gun is a 3d printer.

The company is developing the weapon with the help of the National Institutes of Health, which is giving it its own 3D printer.

It’s basically a prototype of what it says will become a 3rd generation version of the 1911 handgun.

It doesn’t mean the 1911 will have the same durability or durability as the one we have today.

Instead, it will be more durable than the 1911 we already have, and it will cost significantly less.

The 1911 was created by Henry Markham and was designed in 1882 by the American manufacturer and gunsmith Thomas A. Garfield.

It is an exact copy of the original.

That makes it an excellent handgun, and the National Institute of Justice, which supports the development of the weapon, is making sure that it has the same design, according to Stratasists official site.

The gun will have an extended magazine, which means it will hold more ammunition than the current handgun, as well as a pistol grip.

The weapon will also have a barrel extension that will allow it to fire more bullets at a faster rate.

There will also be a “large-capacity” magazine, according the website, which will be able to hold up to 16 rounds.

This is good news for anyone who wants to shoot their first pistol.

The guns would be able be used in a variety of different situations, but most importantly, it would make them more affordable.

That’s because the weapon will cost about $4,000, according Stratasistes official site, which puts it in line with other current versions of the pistol.

It will be made by Stratasynths own gunsmith, Scott Gros, who has built guns for military and law enforcement agencies.

He also built the weapon for the National Guard, and will be making a full-scale replica of the gun in the next few months.

Gros said the gun will be ready to go before the end of the year.

The manufacturer is also trying to get funding from the National Defense Authorization Act, which passed in 2017.

According the NDA, the National Security Agency can collect data on Americans’ cell phones.

If that’s how the agency is using the gun, then it’s possible that the NAA could authorize it as a weapon.

However, the agency did not make a decision on that, and we haven’t heard anything from the Department of Justice.

The NDA also says that the National Rifle Association is prohibited from owning a weapon that’s 3D printable.

This would mean that the gun could not be used to create a replica of a firearm, like the ones made by the NRA.

So, how do you get one?

Well you can buy one online.

If you have a firearm dealer that has a 3DMeter in your area, you can order one for $25, or if you’re looking for something a little bit more practical, you might be able find a 3dmeter online for $50.

3D printers have been around for years, but they’ve only been in use for a limited time, according Google.

3DMeters can be used for everything from printing guns, to making prosthetic limbs, to building vehicles, to printing parts for drones.

However it’s worth noting that the current versions do not come with a gun or a 3gun.

It takes a lot of resources to make one of these things, and most of those resources have been dedicated to 3DMers, according YouTube’s Mark Harris.

So even if you are an experienced 3dmerer, there’s a good chance you won’t be able make it work with this gun.

Still, there are a few ways you could try and get one.

You could get one through a group buy, but that could be problematic for the gun and its owner.

You can also find 3D guns on eBay, but if you want one that’s more affordable than the one being offered by Stratasesys, it could be difficult to find.

You should also consider buying the gun online, because 3DMes are usually cheaper than the ones you can get at the gunsmiths.

If your local gun shop doesn’t carry 3DMems, you could check out gunsmith shops and have them help you get the gun.